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Australian hard rockers ROADKILL formed in 2006, blazing a trail of ass-kicking rock from the outset, cranking out riffs that show their working class, heavy metal flavoured roots!

The bands’ obnoxious, attiude fueled, politically incorrect, old school hard rock is reflected in their music – which proudly delivers – driving guitar riffs, sing-a-long choruses, pounding bass
and drums and a singer who actually sings – instead of today’s hipster screamers and growlers!

Their 2007 debut platter, “God Bless America” – brandished an album full of hard rock and metal anthems and is but a distant memory, as today’s ROADKILL is a far different beast!

dirty dozen

From 2008 – 2010, two members were involved in serious car accidents, another member left due to health problems!

The bands’ second album, Profanity & Innuendo” – was released in 2012, showed a more ‘hard rock’ flavour and featured a dozen songs, dubbed the ‘dirty dozen’!

In early 2015 – ROADKILL recorded a show which was released mid year titled, “LIVE 2015” –
starring songs from both previous CD’s albet, via a bruising live bootleg recording!


The bands’ latest release, “E X T I N C T” – was recorded mid 2016 and produced by Joe Haley (Psycroptic) and features 10 hard rock metal songs that deliver, a barn storming world class product full of tenacity and killer tunes!

ROADKILL is : Neil Steel (vocals), Zig (guitars), Jim (guitars), Ted (bass guitar) and Squid (drums)

Ask yourself…….do you remember all the legend bands from the 80’s? Well – we do and that’s exactly what ROADKILL are all about – delivering, great ass kicking hard rock n roll music!

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